A renewable way of thinking about diesel

Valero® Renewable Diesel is the premium diesel option for drivers who want to help the environment.

Fueled by years of early investment and leadership in the field of renewable energy, Valero Renewable Diesel is lower in carbon and burns cleaner than regular diesel. Its high cetane count actually enhances engine performance and gives you a smoother, more responsible ride that performs well in both cold and warm climates. And with a chemical makeup that’s the same as regular petroleum-based diesel, no vehicle or engine changes are needed.

Why Valero Renewable Diesel Is the Better Choice:

  • 100% renewable and sustainable

  • Up to 80% less greenhouse gas emissions compared to regular diesel

  • Chemically the same as petroleum-based diesel

  • Burns cleaner with a lower carbon footprint

  • Provides higher engine performance

  • Performs in cold and warm climates

  • Cost-competitive

  • More reliable than electric vehicles

  • Significantly lower greenhouse gases than hybrid and electric vehicles

  • Guaranteed performance

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